Sunday, November 22, 2009

What am I doing wrong? Are MFM threesomes scary for guys?

So, as many of you know I've been talking for over a year now about having a threesome with my husband and another man. For those of you that don't know, we've been there many, many times with other women and have loved it. We discussed giving the MFM threesome a shot and decided to go for it about a year ago. I think I'd enjoy it and my husband says he loves to show me off and for him that would be the ultimate. Not to mention he is a very visually aroused man, as most are, and would get to see me in action from points of view that he's never seen me in before. I guess you could say is just one of the many things on our sexual bucket list!

Over this past year we've approached 3-4 of my husbands good friends with the idea and they seem to run like a little school girl who's just been offered a piece of candy from a These are guys that have made comments, flirted, and shown interest before, but when it came right down to it they shy'd away.

Honestly, it makes me question if there is something wrong with me, is it our approach, or is it just the situation in general that freaks them out. I would love to be able to do photos and videos for my website with two guys but in that case they would have to sign model releases and everything, so I know the chances of that are probably even less than that of a threesome with a friend. For me, the first time I do it, I just think I would be more comfortable with someone I know and already have a comfort level with. I mean, I'm sure I'll be nervous either way and when things get going everything will fall into place, but I need to be comfortable the first time, right?

So, if you were approached by a close friend and asked to join him in fucking his wife or letting his wife give you a blowjob, what would you do? Do you have any advice for me guys, or girls?



Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

Dear Realiti,

Most men don't like touching other men, unless they're gay - then it defeats the purpose.

So, get them to do you one on one, if okay with hubby. Once on hook, you look delicious, so they will be hooked, then go to the next step.

Mean time, you'll have a ball or two. But hubby needs to be patient.

Best of all - you have nothing to lose.


Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to share my Greg with you. We've been interested in a MFM, too, but so far have only gone down the FMF road...well, and, of course, the swinging road -- in which we were with another couple.

I agree with Amy's idea -- most men get really insecure at the idea of being naked and in close proximity to another man. I wonder if you didn't ask the fellows if they wanted to set up a date (talk about pressure to perform), but rather just created a situation in which the three of you falling naked into a pile seemed more natural, would grant you better luck.

Anonymous said...

friends feel scared of the out come, plus its a friend what if you husband isnt cool with it when or after its happening, what if the friend gets feelings for you its to much for them to handle

yellaboy733 said...

Well it's hard for some guys because they don't want weirdness between eachother after it's all done. Sometimes it's best to find people who. Aren't too close of friends,unless they are open minded to the idea. I personally have been that guy several times and I love it. Just the fact of the husband seein his wife takin a strange cock turns me on. So I love being a third lol. Especially if the female has cute toes major plus or me lol

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't join a friend unless my wife were also involved, or at least privy well in advance, but that's just me. I've invited single friends to join us, and it's got to be a situation where all are comfortable. There has to be life-or-death trust between the men -- we're just wired that way. Most men are fearful of the repercussions if there is latent jealousy -- you never want to cross that line with a friend. Looking at your picture, it's not that there is anything wrong with you. Be patient. You might consider someone you don't know for the task, too. Good luck -- the threesome adventures we've had have been some of the most sexually enjoyable moments we've shared as a couple.