Friday, November 13, 2009

Don't Be Shy!!

OK, so I have this little fantasy of having a good looking hunk sitting in my room and when I try to persuade him to coma and have his way with me, well, he plays shy! Looking away when I look at him and trying his best to hide the buldge in his pants. Even when I tease, flash, and slowly begin to strip he tries his best to look away. When I decide to start without him he finally decides to show me that he's not shy at all, but the tension has built up so much that he fucks me in everyway and every position imaginable. I may have started alone, but a little while later we finish together, soaked in sweat and out of breath. OK, I can't sit here and write about it, I'm getting all fired up and you are still playing

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Let's get all sweaty and finish together!! Show me that you're not so shy after all!


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