Friday, November 13, 2009

Dr Phil can kiss my

OK, I need to vent a little here. I had a great day today to begin with. I went and had my nails done and a pedicure, paid some bills, and bought some groceries. I came home to relax for a few before starting dinner and just happened to catch Dr. Phil on TV this afternoon.

He had a 19 year old girl on the show with her mother. The mother had been informed by a friend that her daughter was starring in porn videos on a few websites. The mother was devestated and said that the friend may have well told her that her daughter was dead and that she was ashamed. I imagine that finding out this way could be somewhat traumatic. Dr Phil however, told this 19 year old that she was degrading herself, that she would get AIDS, and that she was contributing nothing to society by participating in such a sleazy industry. He then told her that she would end up a 30 year old hag that no one wanted and live in a sleazy motel for the rest of her life. He said that no man would ever want to be with her.

He covered all of the typical sterotypes I guess...I say he can kiss my ass! He's probably home in front of his computer tonight jerking off to a I think there can be sleazy avenues in the porn industry, but that by no means implies that every girl involved takes them. I also think the days of porn being so socially unacceptable that no guy would ever want her and she'll have to live in a motel room are long, long gone. Things are much safer, much more professional, and with digital cameras and the internet much more available to lookers and attractive as a career (or just a hobby) for those that enjoy a little exhibitionism.

Personally, I have three straight A kids, a wonderful husband, a really good life, and I have a ton of fun with my websites, photoshoots, videos, and sex in general. So again, Dr Phil if you're reading this....Kiss my ass and if you want a good look at it take a look at my website!



netcrackrr said...

Thanks for writing this out. I have wanted to say Dr Phil can kiss my ass for a long time!

He just prey's on the hype. It is like that movie "The American President" he isn't concerned with the issues, he just wants to tell you who's to blame or why you should be afraid. (Bob Rumpson) haha

Amy(LamBi)Ne said...

I wouldn't let him near my ass - I value my ass.

He's the guy, obviously overweight [nothing wrong with that per se] but selling books teaching people how to lose weight! I'll bet he will sell condoms to the pope if it makes him a ton of money.

I like to think people with good genes have higher libido - nature wants better genes to breed more. There is a scientific reason why petite Asians like me love BBCs - together we make better offsprings, not that I'm breeding.

Asexual people are nature's way of telling them "You're not good enough to breed - so don't".

Glad that I discovered your blog and thanks for following mine - welcum.