Saturday, November 28, 2009

Last Chance for the Black Friday Sale!!!!!


Just a quick reminder about the Black Friday sale on Dreamnet. It ends today, so now’s your chance to get 30 days full access for only $7.99. Just click on the banner above. You can join 2 girls sites for just over the price of one or you can join one for $7.99. Hell, you can join them all if ya want….lol!

I’ve got some other things to tell you about, but I’ll have to wait until tonight or tomorrow for my next blog entries….I’ve got shopping to do!!!!

Talk to ya soon!



1 comment:

pkn854u said...

Here's my 2¢... For me it's sexy as hell and lets me know the women with my cock in her mouth in on a mission! Plus it makes it so I can keep cumming without having to worry about it! I've never cum as hard as with someone swallowing!!!