Thursday, January 21, 2010

Secret Anal


001 005

I have a little secret! Well, not such a secret anymore, I Love Anal. I haven't always loved it though. It took some time to get comfortable with it. It all started with a little licking, then a finger in my ass while I was getting fucked doggy style, then to my toys. You can't get all over zealous and just stick it in, you have to get me all relaxed and work up to the big finish. It usually doesn't take long and when I get a little anal stimulation I cum hard! One of my favorite things is double penetration with a toy. The stimulation I get from having my pussy and ass full at the same time is the most intense I've ever experienced! I decided the best thing for me to do is show you exactly how I like it. So, here is lesson #1 on how to fuck my ass with a toy to get me going. It's a complete step by step I'll continue in my future photo and video updates to show you how I like it from beginning to end! For the rest of Lesson #1 you'll have to click here and join me in my members area!


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