Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Would You Follow Me Up The Stairs?

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So, would you? Would you follow me up the stairs easily, or would you make me work for it? Would I have to give you a clear view up my skirt so you could see my white cotton thongs stretched tight across my pussy or would I have to slide those panties off from under my skirt and give you a full inviting view from behind as I crawled up the stairs? Maybe you’d even make me masturbate on the stair s for a few, you know, just to make sure I was hot and wet enough for you when we made it to the top! Well, are you going to follow me….just click here and lets make our way upstairs!!



yellaboy733 said...

Well I would follow u up stairs but I would have to lick you as we go. Would like to suck those toes first though, and have your husband meet us up stairs to watch us finish off or join in.

Kevin Lomax said...

If you'd go up the stairs like that, you wouldn't make it to the end before I have you... ;-P

Nice way to go!