Friday, December 4, 2009

All Warm and Cozy!!

It’s been all cold and rainy here for a few days and that leads to a touch of cabin fever for me. I’ve got to find some way to relieve all the tension that comes from too much pent up energy!

My plan is to strip down to nothing and get you to come a snuggle with me on my couch. If you can keep me all warm and cozy I promise to get you nice and HOT!! Don’t let all the talk of snuggling fool you either, It’s sure to lead to me taking my cabin fever frustrations out on you in a way you’ll never forget!

So, are you going to come and join me on the couch?


1 comment:

yellaboy733 said...

Well, I must say I would love to join you but it would have to be one a lol different. Well first I would want your husband there. I would walk through the door shake your husbands hand tell him what a beautiful wife he has and procede to u. Hopefully you'd be luring there under a blanket naked. Then I would slowly kiss you all over as your husband watched. I would lick u and suck those toes and teaseing you until you ask me to slid inside you. Just as I slip in you have your husband slid his cock in your mouth as I'm in you. After man position changes have your husband swap out with me. After he fills you with cum I would go behind him and ask you both if I cld fill you with cum also. Then I would fill you up and have me and your husband stand back and have you squat down and let the cum drip out of you. Mmmmm that's the way I would have to have it heheheh love your blog and those toes hehehh